We started more than 20 years ago as a small local business fixing sewer lines in the local Chicago area, mainly in its suburbs. Throughout that time we have built a base of loyal customers, so when we decided to move to a bigger business model and have trenchless sewer be at the heart of it, it was no surprise that people were skeptical. However, since we knew that serving our customers would pay off in the long haul, we found that they supported us in our efforts and today we are the largest sewer repair and ductless HVAC company in the city. From northeast to southwest, we serve all of Chicago with the same promise of integrity and quality that we had more than 20 years ago when we started as a small local company.

Trenchles sewer is the flagship of our company, a way to repair sewer lines remotely and without digging up the whole surrounding area. The idea of putting things through a pump is much easier than digging up the line itself, and many of these lines are so old that they cannot afford to be dug up another time. Leaks and cracks are a problem, but the state of the art trenchless sewer repair equipment is designed to fix these pipes with little invasion and allow them to maintain their structural integrity for years to come. What makes our company unique is that our staff is made up of people from all different trades that benefit what we do for our customers. Among others, roofing with this great company and others is one of those trades that our staff is trained and experienced with. You might not think that what we do is related to roofing, but the skills and techniques that our team has picked up over the years has been a huge benefit for our clients.

Chicago has always been a jewel of the United States, and like many large cities has seen better days in terms of infrastructure. Infrastructure that has been around since we have and has been heavily neglected for almost the entire time. Now it is no surprise that a lot of these pipes are breaking, but they were initially built so that they would not need to be replaced for decades. Well now it has been decades and the pipes are on their last leg. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to know that if these pipes burst, it will cause problems throughout the entire city, so we are here to make sure that does not happen.

Customer service and savings

Now there is nothing like leaving a job well done and helping a city that is in dire need of a pipeline update. This is what we pride ourselves on, and when we go to work, we not only go to work for you, but the city as well. We handle both commercial and residential properties and have the skills needed to compete in today’s high paced world. Through technology and a dedication to offering our services at the lowest possible price, we have found ourselves able to do what few others can, which is giving the city a sewer company that they can count on.

Whether you are looking to have your sewer line replaced or looking for something bigger, it is time that you considered us for your work. We are here to make sure that the sewer repair you have done is of the utmost quality and integrity.